School of Embodied Wisdom

Meet our family

Petra Kaya

Petra Kaya is the mother of The School of Embodied Wisdom. She has powerful and yet very subtle skills in holding space, with a strong foundation in bodywork, tantra massage, shamanism and community building. Her passion is to learn more about and  support the life energy to express itself more. 

She works with shamanistic rituals and ceremonies using her drum, body and voice to connect to the spirit world, holding space for deep process work.


Charlie Jespergaard

Charlie Jespergaard is a bit of a multi tasker. As a maker of physical spaces intended to support the Work, he has created The Dragon Temple, which is the mothership of The School of Embodied Wisdom. He has also created a vibrant garden to feed our extended family, and he often cooks for everybody.

Regarding the Work, there are a few things he is very passionate about. He loves to sing and play music and experiences it as a window to the Soul. The exploration of life energy is important to him as well. He facilitates the very powerful Tantra Kriya Yoga, a collaborative breath work with ancient roots which offers a direct and beautiful approach to really experience our life energy.

 Lastly, he works with the sharing circle, offering people a space to really connect from the heart.

Dagmara Enigma

Dagmara Enigma is a fierce and caring soul fully dedicated to the process of transformation in herself and in others. She uses her considerable skills in body awareness, bodywork, authentic movement, and voice work to guide people to places they might not otherwise have gone to without her strong focus and determination. Having taken you there, she stays with you and really holds space for you.



Timo Solman is dedicated to things in Life that inspire him, always ready to hold space for others in a really profound way, and to throw a mean playlist on the dance floor when the tribe needs to move! He also offers his didgeridoo for sound healing and to support trance dance healing spaces.