School of Embodied Wisdom

School of Embodied Wisdom

This is not your usual school




We are a collective of really good friends looking to fill out our shoes and inspire each other to walk our unique paths in Life. An extended family who shares a deep belief in connecting and supporting each other, and who shares a strong passion to help facilitate a shift towards more Love and Compassion in this wonderful world.

We recognize that we came here with a purpose, we all chose this space and time to develop certain qualities and to share our unique gifts with humanity.

 The School of Embodied Wisdom aims to offer experiences of deep connection, to our inner and outer Nature, and to the Elements. Direct mystical experiences firmly rooted in the Heart and in our embodied wisdom.

We do not offer a set curriculum

No levels for you to complete in order for you to be certified, rather, we try to prepare you to do YOUR work, as we are all uniquely gifted and we do not fit on any certificate!

 We have all gone through a lot, and there is so much more to come! Together we can be stronger, more happy and fullfilled, by doing what feels meaningful and real.

How do we choose the good stuff? How do we find our courage to let go of the things we do not need anymore? How do we feel more ALIVE? 

You are invited to join our family of Warriors of the Heart to explore and enjoy, live and be courageous!

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